New Year, New Blog…. the adventure begins


by Vida Nikolic

Welcome my fellow “yarnistas.” This is my first post to start the new year and what’s more, it’s my first post ever, and I am so excited to share my love of yarn crafts with all of you!  I do write a post in the monthly Fab Fiber newsletter, this will be a bit different, so I would invite you to sign up for the newsletter too.  For this blog I intend to share with you my newest projects, hopefully on a weekly basis.  One thing that I plan to do is create a stitch book, and I hope you will work it along with me.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it is compilation of stitch patterns. Usually you will only only work it as one or two repeats depending on the amount of stitches and rows.  Since they aren’t being worked for projects, you can use your leftover yarn to create them.  If you would like to use your samples as a project, you can always make a sampler afghan.  To do that you would have to plan out a size for your afghan and then decide the size of each square, if you would like some help in figuring that out I am more than happy to help you.   No matter what you choose to do with them, they can be a wonderful resource.  Trying different patterns is a help whether you are planning on creating your own patterns or just to improve your skills.  For this project I plan to explore crochet patterns as well as knit patterns.  Follow along with me as I explore patterns that I haven’t tried.


Cell Lace Stitch

For my first stitch entry I have chosen the Cell Lace Stitch.  You can find the stitch at;   I found it very easy to do, a simple 4 row pattern, with two of the rows being purl.  I worked my test swatch in Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, which I have tons of left over from a project I abandoned years ago, next time I think I would use a finer yarn, no larger than a size 3 (DK weight,) and needles at least 1-2 sizes larger than suggested.  This pattern did pull in slightly, not enough for me to be concerned with, I believe that the larger needles would rectify this.  I liked it so much I tried it with some boucle type yarn that I had, hoping it would make a nice shawl, the results were disappointing.   This stitch works so much better in a smooth yarn.  While the boucle was a fairly light weight, this stitch made it feel bulky, even after I switched to larger needles, it just didn’t have the drape I wanted  This stitch would work beautifully for a cowl, or a shawl, Elizabeth suggested it would also be great for the yoke of a sweater.  After a bit of searching, I came up with a bit of yarn in the weight I wanted, a baby weight, and a pair of size 8 needles.  As I had hoped it worked beautifully.  This is a stitch I will absolutely use in a future project.


Join our knit and crochet circle

Another thing I am planning for the coming year is to start a knit and crochet circle to meet on Saturdays at Fab Fiber.  The shop has plenty of seating both indoors and on the back deck.  The goal will be to create items such as Knitted Knockers for breast cancer survivors, chemo caps for kids at Ronald MacDonald house, pet beds for the local shelters, and anything else you would like to make.  It would just be a nice circle of like-minded crafters, sharing their love of yarn.  So if you would like to join us, just stop in, no reservations needed . . . just a desire to knit or crochet with friends.