Elizabeth Neily Designs

Elizabeth creates her one-of-a-kind designs and teaches fiber arts at here FAB Fiber. She offers workshops for groups of 10 up to 20 people. For more information contact her at 727-827-2235 or on her cell at 727-744-7051.

Raw Edge Appliqués

One of my favorite ways to play with fabric is to create cloth out of several pieced together fabrics such as A Flourish of Flamingos above. The jackets/coats featured here are pieced together then appliquéd with patches. Some patches are tiny pieces of fabric chopped up to make “confetti,” metallic confetti, and glittery threads, all layered under tulle. They are then top stitched using decorative stitches on the sewing machine.

Appliqués and Free Form Stitching

Dances with Crows is a homage to the artist Paul Pletka. (see While the Ravens Laughed.) After a visit to the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art in St. Petersburg, FL, I was blown away by the surrealism of Pletka’s work. For this piece, I started by repurposing a linen tablecloth that had been eco-printed. I photographed crows and turned the photos into templates for appliqués cut out of black linen. The cuffs and collar echo the trim on the blanket using free-form stitching.

Electric Tea Party coat. Again, pieces of fabric were stitched together to form the substrate for appliquéing fanciful prints. I cut up a panel then layered the pieces over the same pink print used for the lining. The edges of the cuffs, hem, and front are bound with a black and white stripped bias. Pink prairie points add interest to the left front.


It’s like painting with yarn I weave with combination of hand-dyed, commercial yarns and ribbons to create vibrant colors and varied of textures. Because of the ability to take my loom anywhere, I choose to work on a 15 ” Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom. After it’s warped, I can set aside in a corner when I’m not using it, and it becomes a lovely piece of art.

Wall Decor

How fun! I incorporated a bunch of surface design techniques in Who Gives a Hoot? including eco-prints, rust-dyed, tea-dyed, coffee dyed fabrics, some of which were vintage lace napkins. It was then embellished with lace, laser prints, hand-prints, buttons, beads, crocheted flowers and top stitching. I give workshops on hand-dyed fabrics and yarns and how to use them in your fiber art projects.

Rust Dyed Cloth

Take some fabric, soak it in vinegar and add some rusty objects. It’s that easy! I went a step further with the dress featured above. I carved a block print and used thickened dyes to make a border.


The Zoe Shawl is an original design made with ultra soft cotton boucle yarn. I painted the yarn in raspberry, turquoise and hunter green, with flecks of white peeking through. The pattern is available at FAB Fiber, and so is our hand-dyed BEACH CLOUDS. The pattern is free with purchase of yarn.