Our Artists

Margot Woodrough

Margot founded FAB Fiber in 2013 as a place to share her enthusiasm for the fiber arts. An avid spinner of art yarns and a knitter of amazing free-style shawls, she joined forces with other fiber artists to create a place that welcomes spinners, weavers, knitters and crocheters.

Elizabeth Neily

Elizabeth Neily joined FAB Fiber in the fall of 2013. After retiring as a museum director, she picked up her knitting needles and crochet hook. She also spins, weaves and makes art-to-wear clothing.


Debbie Goff

Debbie joined forces with us in the Spring of 2015, bringing yarn inventory (Stitchworm) and Brazilian Embroidery skills to FAB Fiber. Besides a skilled knitter, Debbie is one of a handful of Brazilian Embroidery designers in the country. You have to visit our “Throne Room Gallery” in order to appreciate her talent.



Vida joined us in 2016 after dropping by our shop. Vida’s skill at knitting and crochet not only helps those new to the craft, but she can also teach old-timers a few new tricks. Vida shares her ideas and expertise on her blog.


Teri Gabric


Teri also popped into the store one day and decided to stay. After selling her own shop in South Carolina, she and her husband settled in Gulfport. Teri not only spins, and knits, but dyes  yarns and roving. Look for them under the North Woods Farm label.

StellaVaughan Andersen

Stella has been knitting for more years than she’d like to remember but  took up weaving just a couple of years ago and she was hooked. Whenever there is a new weaving student, Stella drops by to encourage them and to share the tips she has learned. Look for her weavings and knit wear on display at the shop.